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Dates of Future Scheduled Parish Council Meetings can be found below

From 7.15pm (for up to 15 minutes) members of the public are able to ask questions or address the Council at any meeting, but please note; presentations of pre-planning applications in the open forum before each meeting by potential applicants or their representatives is not appropriate.  Following the close of the public forum members of the public cannot take part in the meeting unless specifically invited to do so by the Chairman

The Parish Council Minutes page will be updated as soon as the minutes are approved.
The minutes on this page relate to the general running of the Parish Council - other meeting minutes are available on the following pages:
•    Annual Parish Meeting
•    The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council
•    Emergency Advisory Committee
•    Play Park Advisory Committee
Additionally liaison committee minutes are available
•    Besthorpe Quarry Liaison
•    Langford Quarry Liaison

•    Safer Neighbourhood Group

Agendas of meetings will be removed once the minutes of the meeting are published.  
The Parish Council business has historically been broken into smaller meetings and only specific items discussed at each.  To improve the efficiency of the Parish Council all matters are now discussed at the one meeting.  Occasionally an additional planning meeting is called to discuss planning applications which are unable to wait until the next scheduled Parish Council Meeting.

Where the minutes have been produced minutes electronically these have been uploaded to this web page.  Previous years minutes are available in paper format at Nottinghamshire County Archives in Nottingham.  Signed copies of the current years minutes are available for inspection on request.

Future Meetings

Date Meeting Name

23 September 2021

Full Parish Council Meeting

28 October 2021

Full Parish Council Meeting

25 November 2021

Full Parish Council Meeting

9 December 2021

Full Parish Council Meeting

27 January 2022

Full Parish Council Meeting

24 February 2022

Full Parish Council Meeting

24 March 2022

Full Parish Council Meeting

14 April 2022

Annual Meeting of Parishioners 

28 April 2022

Full Parish Council Meeting