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Network Rail - Resignalling Project

Please see official correspondence from Network Rail concerning future plans, including Cross Lane level crossing.

Dear Neighbour,
Last year we wrote to you about the Swinderby Resignalling Project and our plans to upgrade the signals which control train movement on the railway in your area. This included proposals for work on several level crossings between Collingham and Hykeham. Some of these level crossings had previously been considered for closure which may have caused some confusion. This letter is to clear that up.

We still intend to reduce the number of level crossings by providing suitable diversionary routes for footpath users at Coney Green (FP No 19), Dykes End (FP No 8A) and Swinderby Foot (FP No 7). There are currently no plans to downgrade Westbrook Lane as it cannot be funded at this time.

For ease of reference we have attached a copy of the various proposals for public footpaths 19, 8a and 7.

Each proposal to close a level crossing involves diverting public rights of way and so formal consultation will be undertaken by the Highway Authority for each as an individual scheme. This is a genuine consultation so it is possible that not all the crossings referenced above will be closed.

The letter we sent last year included proposed work on all of the crossings between Collingham and Hykeham as part of a project to upgrade the signalling in this area. This is because we do not yet know if closure will be approved and it is easier and more cost effective to remove work then to add it in a later date.

At Cross Lane level crossing, the majority of work to build the new road linking Cross Lane and Swinderby Road is currently planned to start on site in Autumn 2021 although some preparatory works are likely to take place in this summer. Planning permission is being sought to install gates at either end of Cross Lane and a subsequent application will be made to divert the public highway.

We hope this information is clear but if you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact our 24-hour National Helpline on 03457 11 41 41.

Yours faithfully
Denise Thompson
Community Relations Manager

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